Newsletter December 2016

Dear All

This week it was my turn to lead assembly at Moredon and Rodbourne Cheney Primary Schools. As I knew they would already be thinking about and preparing for the many Christmas themed activities I decided I was on safe ground to speak about how John describes Jesus as ‘The Light’ coming into the world to chase away darkness, and to think about what that means for us. We spoke about what makes us feel ‘dark’ on the inside and how Jesus light can change that.

At Moredon school there was a lovely moment when, with the hall lights dimmed, I shone a large torchlight on the ceiling and around the room and got ‘Wows’ from them as they watched the light shine brightly through the dark.

We then thought about Jesus words telling us that we also need to shine our light; to put it high on a lamp stand where it can be seen and not under a bowl where it can’t be seen (and of course will go out), helped with a demonstration. With the help of a light bulb and lamp we thought about how it’s necessary to be ‘plugged in’ so that our light can shine. We had mirrors to show how one small light can be reflected and make more light, and light then grows.

After the same assembly at Rodbourne Cheney one of the children came to me to ask a question. It was ‘What is the real meaning of Christmas? I think it is about the birth of Jesus, but some people tell me it isn’t.’ It led to a short conversation about why I believe she’s right and that although others may not agree with us it is still when love, kindness and ‘light’ seems to be shared more.

Why am I sharing these assemblies with you? 2 reasons really.

Firstly, so you can hear what a real privilege it is to be welcomed into our schools and share the message of Jesus love with them (and learn from them too).

And secondly, when was the last time you went ‘Wow’ when you thought about Jesus coming into the world as light to chase away the world’s darkness? When was the last time you asked Jesus to come and chase away the darkness that is within us as individuals and in our world?

We are just on the cusp of December and already I am beginning to get tired of Christmas adverts and consumer ‘hype’. Carols and Christmas songs are now in full swing in shops and other public places. There is a danger that this tiredness can detract us from celebrating with real joy Jesus coming amongst us as a baby in Bethlehem (the real reason for Christmas).

We now step into Advent once again. Once again an opportunity to remember, reflect and give thanks for Christ’s coming to us in the form of the Baby in the manger. But also as our reminder to again ‘look forwards’ with eager anticipation for Christ’s coming in glory, asking ourselves what this means for us now as people watching and waiting.

What should watching and waiting look like for us as individual Christians and for Christ’s Church?

I pray for peace and blessings and you celebrate, watch and anticipate the coming of Christ, the Saviour.

God bless Debbie